Table 3

CPC Practice Staff per Primary Care Clinician in 2016, by Baseline (2012) Practice Size

Staff TypeAll Practices, MeanBy Baseline Practice Size,a Mean
Staff FTE per primary care clinician FTE3.
Non-administrative staff2.
Administrative staff1.
Individual staff type FTE per primary care clinician FTE
Primary care cliniciansb (reference group)
 Primary care physicians (MDs or DOs)
 Specialty physicians0.
NPs and PAs
 Do bill under own NPI0.
 Do not bill under own NPI0.
RNs, excluding RN care managers0.
Behavioral health professionals, clinical psychologists, or social workers0.
Health educators0.
Care managers and care coordinatorsc0.
Community services coordinatorsd0.
Medical assistants0.
LPNs and LVNs0.
Quality improvement specialists0.
Physical or respiratory therapists0.
Laboratory or radiology technicians0.
Health information technologists or EHR specialists0.
Administrative staff (reception, medical records, appointment, finance, etc)
 Accountants or financial managers0.
 Staff who work in billing, coding, administrative assistance, medical records, payroll, data entry/analysis, or network administration0.
 Practice supervisors or practice managers0.
  • CPC = Comprehensive Primary Care; DO = Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine; EHR = electronic health record; FTE = full-time equivalent; LPN = licensed practical nurse; LVN = licensed vocational nurse; MD = Doctor of Medicine; NP = nurse practitioner; NPI = national provider identifier; PA = physician assistant; RN = registered nurse

  • Notes: In the survey, we asked for the number of full-time and part-time staff. We estimated that a part-time staff was equivalent to 0.5 FTE. For the denominator of each ratio, we used the number of FTE physicians reported in the November 2016 clinician roster files to CMS; the numerator is the FTE staff reported by practices in the survey. Source was the CPC practice surveys administered April through August 2016.

  • a Practice size was determined using practice-provided rosters of the primary care physicians and NPs and PAs who bill under their own NPI. The roster files were collected in November 2012 and report the number of these clinicians at the practice site in October 2012, the first month of CPC.

  • b The number of primary care clinicians includes primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who can bill under their own NPI. Practices reported this information to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services each month; the numbers for this analysis come from the roster files reported November of the corresponding year.

  • c Coordinate care for patients in the practice with other providers.

  • d Link patients in the practice with available services and resources in the community.