Table 2

Characteristics of CPC Practices With and Without Care Managers in 2016

CharacteristicAll Practicesa
(N = 460)
Practices Without a Care Manager
(n = 74)
Practices With a Care Manager(s)
(n = 386)
Number of primary care clinicians at baseline (2012),b %
 1 clinician152414
 2-3 clinicians344532
 4-5 clinicians242024
 6-10 clinicians20823
 >10 clinicians738
Practice affiliation with a system, %
Percent of practice county that was urban787279
  • CPC = Comprehensive Primary Care.

  • a In the 2016 survey, 1 practice did not answer the question asking about practice staffing, resulting in a sample of 460 practices.

  • b Practice size was determined using practice-provided rosters of the primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who bill under their own National Provider Identifier. The roster files were collected in November 2012 and reported the number of these clinicians at the practice site in October 2012, the first month of CPC.