Table 1

Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Across Organizations

OrganizationYearPopulationEndorse LDCTRecommended SettingSmoking CessationSDMa
National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)92012NLST criteria,8 aged ≥50 years with ≥20 pack-years plus 1 risk factorb and 1.3% PLCO riskYesMultidisciplinary teamYesYes
American Association for Thoracic Surgery102012Aged 55-79 or 50-79 years based on smoking history and other factorscYesMultidisciplinary teamYes
US Preventive Services Task Force112013Age pack-year and current smoker or quit ≤ 15 yearsYesPrimary care; NCCN guidanceYesYes
American Cancer Society122013NLST + imaging/treatment feasibleYesNLST-likeYes
American College of Chest Physicians132013NLSTYesNLST-likeYes
American Lung Association142015NLSTYesNLST-likeYesYes
Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care152016NLSTYesEarly diagnosis/treatment expertiseYes
European Union162017Validated risk stratificationYesMultidisciplinary teamsYes
CHEST Guideline17201855-77 years/NLST smoking criteriaYesYes
AAFP182013High risk (age and smoking)NoaYesYes
CMS19201555-77 years/NLST smoking criteriaYesProvider/facility qualityYesYes
  • AAFP = American Academy of Family Physicians; CHEST = American College of Chest Physicians; CMS = Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; LDCT = low-dose helical CT; NLST = National Lung Screening Trial; PLCO = Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial; SDM = shared decision making.

  • a Shared decision making endoresed or implied.

  • b Other NCCN risk factors include radon exposure, occupational exposure, history of cancer, family history of lung cancer, COPD, and pulmonary fibrosis.

  • c People aged 55-79 years with ≥30 pack-year of smoking history or people aged 50-79 years with ≥20 pack-year of smoking history with personal lung cancer history or another risk factor such as COPD, environmental or occupational exposure, prior cancer or radiation therapy, genetic predisposition or family history.

  • d Insufficient evidence to recommend screening. Screening cannot be recommended on the basis of a single study conducted in major medical centers.