Table 2

Subsequent Patient Screening After Initial LCS (N = 3,402)

Activity TypeNo. (%)
Enrolled or completed LCS program during study period2,791 (82)
Did not schedule or declined PCC-ordered LSC258 (8)
Had diagnostic CTs (from LCS & not from LCS)79 (2)
Subsequent LCS scans outside PSJH61 (2)
Initial LCS resulted in diagnosis of cancer, no other LCS51 (2)
Had repeat scans within PSJH but after end of study period50 (1)
Changed insurance, other insurance issue, changed PCC, or had no PCC46 (1)
PCC declined or did not send subsequent orders43 (1)
Moved23 (1)
  • CT = computed tomography; LCS = lung cancer screening; PCC = primary care clinician; PSJH = Providence St Joseph Health.