Table 2

Coefficients for the 7 Variables Included in the HM-CVD Index Score

VariableCoefficient (SE)P Value
Socioeconomic status
Population of minority race−0.0024 (0.0005)<.001
Family poverty rate0.0159 (0.0019)<.001
Population without high school diploma0.0076 (0.0016)<.001
Food/lifestyle environment
Grocery store ratio−0.0389 (0.0151).01
Fast-food restaurant ratio0.0498 (0.0135)<.001
Tax-adjusted soda price−0.4265 (0.1060)<.001
Health care resources
Density of primary care physicians−0.0603 (0.0237).01
  • HM-CVD = Hong-Mainous cardiovascular disease; SE = standard error.

  • Note: See Table 1 for description and units of measure for each variable.