Table 2

Spread of the Transforming Primary Care for LGBT People Intervention Among FQHC Clinicians and Clinical Sites, 2016-2017

FQHCCliniciansClinical Sites
Pre-intervention, No.Post-intervention, No.Affiliated,a No.Adoption,b %Pre-intervention, No.Post-intervention, No.Affiliated,a No.Adoption,b %
FQHC 111818100.0133100.0
FQHC 2181361.5161060.0
FQHC 31293193.5188100.0
FQHC 4132015.011616.7
FQHC 514805.0141040.0
FQHC 613939100.012727100.0
FQHC 712603.311224.5
FQHC 8114700.211911.1
FQHC 91207207100.011313100.0
FQHC 101120120100.011515100.0
All FQHCs104311,05840.7107912364.2
  • FQHC = federally qualified health center; LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

  • a Total clinicians and clinical sites affiliated with each FQHC.

  • b Percent of total affiliated clinicians and clinical sites that adopted the intervention.