Table 3

Comparison of Outcomes for Counties With Continuous L&D vs No L&D from 2003-2017a

Outcome MeasureCounties With L&DCounties With No L&D
Infant MR, No. per 1,0007.899.23
 Live births, No.165,52572,177
 Infant deaths, No.1,306666
Low birth weights, %9.8610.61
 Live births, No.111,39348,568
 Low birth weights, No.10,9865,152
Perinatal MR, No. per 1,0008.8910.82
 Live + still births, No.165,5251,479
 Perinatal deaths, No.72,659786
Neonatal MR, No. per 1,0004.745.67
 Live births, No.166,42572,177
 Neonatal deaths, No.784409
  • L&D = labor and delivery; MR = mortality rate.

  • a Data for low birth weights only available for 2003-2014.