Table 1

Changes to Health Canada Regulations for Mifepristone-Misoprostol Medical Abortion, as of January 2020

TopicChangeDate Changed
Observed ingestionRemoved requirement for observation of mifepristone ingestion. The patient can take the drug where and when they choose.October 2016
TrainingRemoved requirement for training for pharmacists.May 2017
TrainingRemoved requirement for training for prescribers.November 2017
Consent formRemoved requirement for a manufacturer consent form to be signed by the patient.November 2017
RegistrationRemoved requirement for registration of prescribers or pharmacists with the manufacturer.November 2017
DispensingMifepristone can be dispensed directly to patients by a pharmacist or prescribing health professional, rather than the original requirement that a physician must dispense directly to the patient.November 2017
Gestational ageMifepristone-misoprostol may be used up to 9 weeks (63 days) from the last menstrual period, rather than the original 7 weeks (49 days).November 2017
UltrasoundRemoved requirement for mandatory ultrasound before prescribing.April 2019