Table 1.

Labor Culture Survey18 Agreement With Best Practices to Reduce Cesarean Delivery

Best Practice, % in agreementRegistered NursesMedical Doctors
Nonresponder Hospitals (n = 281)Successful Hospitals (n = 378)P ValueNonresponder Hospitals (n = 41)Successful Hospitals (n = 130)P Value
Providing more midwifery service61.466.1.2324.445.4.017a
Implementing a program that supports early labor at home87.289.3.4457.576.2.022a
Providing more direct (in room) nursing time with laboring women75.281.9.045a68.381.4.077
Providing more doula services40.247.9.0617.143.9.002a
Reducing the number of inductions of labor for nonmedical indications96.494.6.3063.485.4.002a
  • a Statistically significant result.