Table 1.

Description of Clinics Included in Primary Care 2.0 Evaluation

SettingaPCP TypesPCP cFTEsbAnnual Visitsb
Implementation clinic
    Primary Care 2.0 siteCommunity-based faculty practiceFM, IM6 (2.0 of which were APC)13,500
Comparison clinics
    Site AHospital-based faculty practiceFM817,000
    Site BHospital-based faculty practiceIM817,000
    Site CCommunity-based faculty practiceFM, IM510,800
    Site DCommunity-based faculty practiceFM, IM   3.511,700
  • APC = advanced practice clinician (ie, nurse practitioner or physician assistant); cFTE = clinical full-time equivalent; FM = family medicine; IM = internal medicine; PCP = primary care physician.

  • a All clinics are in a single county and serve primarily private- and Medicare-insured populations.

  • b Values are approximate, based on fiscal year 2018.