Table 2.

Family Caregivers’ Experiences With Participating in Telehealth Visits and Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Telehealth

Representative Quote
Family caregivers who participated in a telehealth visitI feel it helps my job as the caregiver. I don’t want to be the one responsible for having my mom take more risks during the pandemic and at the same time keep her from getting the reassurance from her doctor.
No way my mom could handle a telemedicine visit without assistance. My father in law had a telemedicine visit and it was actually beneficial because my husband could sit next to him and ask questions of the doctor–probably would have known nothing besides “It was fine” when he asked his dad how the appointment went.
Family caregivers who did not participate in a telehealth visitI hadn’t actually thought about participating in a telemedicine call as an option until I got this survey. It’s a really good idea, I will try to find out how to do it. My mother had an episode of high blood pressure this weekend and it was hard to know what to do since I can’t go visit her in person.
It was difficult to have a provider understand that my mother wanted me to be on the call since I am not typically at her physical appointments. I understand the HIPAA rules; however, the patient’s wishes should be considered as well.
  • Note: Source is authors’ analysis of data.