Table 2.

Trial Data Collection and Analysis Timeline

Phase and ComponentsSpecific Activities
Preintervention phase: Sep 2015-Mar 2017
    Quantitative data collectionBaseline surveys (practice survey, practice member survey)
Intervention phase: Dec 2015-Nov 2017
    Quantitative data collection: Dec 2015-Nov 2017aQuarterly ABS reports
    Qualitative data collection: Jul 2016-Apr 2017Interviews with 80 study participants:
  • 41 Facilitators

  • 39 Leaders of facilitator organizations and cooperatives

Postintervention phase: Nov 2016-Apr 2018
    Quantitative data collection: Nov 2016-Dec 2017Postintervention surveys (practice survey, practice member survey)
    Qualitative data collection: Sep 2017-Aug 2018Interviews with 74 facilitators:
  • 28 Previously interviewed during intervention phase

  • 46 Newly interviewed

Analysis phase: Mar 2020-Dec 2021
    Quantitative data analysesAnalyses of descriptive data from 162 facilitators (158 external, 4 internal)
    Qualitative data analysesAnalyses based on interviews with 36 of 87 facilitators interviewed:
  • 23 More effective facilitators

  • 13 Less effective facilitators

  • ABS = aspirin use for high-risk patients, blood pressure control, smoking cessation counseling.

  • a The active interventions ranged in duration from 3 to 18 months.