Table 2.

Process and Outcome Metrics Assessing the OHECs’ Impact

Academic programs engaged by OHECs
Medical schoolsXXXX
Family medicine residencyXXXX
Internal medicine residencyX
Pediatrics residencyXX
Medicine-pediatrics residencyX
Physician assistant programsXXX
Family nurse practitioner programsXXX
Pediatric nurse practitioner programsX
Adult-gerontology primary care training programX
Doctor of nursing practitioner programX
Resources used by OHECs to engage programs
Oral health coalitionsXX
State center for nursingX
National discipline-specific primary care associationsX
Departments of Public Health and other state officesXXXXX
Dental facultyXXXX
Colleagues in the universityXX
Peer OHECs and/or 100MMC teamXX
Other previous relationshipsXX
Lists developed by CIPCOHXXX
Modalities used by OHECs to recruit programs
Informational e-mails/telephone callsXXXXXX
Introductory meetingXXXX
Introductory presentationsXXX
Informational flyersXX
Tools prepared by CIPCOH (curriculum mapping tools and OHCET tool)XXXXXX
Media publicityX
Training modalities developed by OHECs and primary care programs
Implementation of an oral health electiveX
Fluoride varnish implementation in clinics, trainings, and/or workshopsXXXXX
Dental sealant programsXX
Student projects and/or mentorship of studentsXX
Cases incorporated into coursesXXX
Presentations and lectures delivered by OHECs, program faculty, dentists, etcXXXXXX
Oral health challengesX
Oral health dayX
Asynchronous material such as informational and training videosXX
  • 100MMC = 100 Million Mouths Campaign; CIPCOH = Center for Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health; OHCET = Oral Health Curriculum Evaluation Tool; OHEC = oral health education champion.