Table 1.

Sample of the PREM-OB Scale Suite

ScaleNumber of ItemsSubdomainSample Themes
Health care delay, denial, neglect, or dismissiveness
Health care exclusion or erasure in medical decision making
Health care inquiry and elicitation of attitudes, feelings, and daily life
Health care information, comprehension, transparency, and relevance in eliciting informed consent
Kinship9NonapplicableHealth care team or system affirmation, disruption, or denial of biological or social relationship between Black birthing person and their newborn, partner, parent, or doula
Racism12NonapplicableHealth care practice of biologic determinism and racial stereotyping in medical counseling and decision making
  • PREM-OB = Patient-Reported Experience Measure of Obstetric Racism.

  • Note: The PREM-OB Scale suite is proprietary and owned exclusively by Birthing Cultural Rigor, LLC. Please contact the authors for more information.