Table 1.

Recipient Titles and Authors of the 50th Annual Meeting of NAPCRG, 2022 Clinical Pearls Awards

Rapid Detection of Influenza Outbreaks in Long Term Care Facilities Reduces Emergency Room Visits and HospitalizationJonathan Temte, MD, PhD, MS
Mary Checovich, CCRC
Marlon Mundt, PhD
Shari Barlow, BA
Irene Hamrick, MD
Erik Reisdorf, MPH
The Economic Impact of a Hospital at Home in a COVID-19 PandemicThad Wilkins, MD
Matthew Lyon, MD
David Walsh, MD
Megan Furno, MPH
Stephen Shiver, MD
Christy Ledford, PhD
Antibiotic Resistance of Helicobacter pylori in Primary Care: An Observational Cohort StudyGertrude van den Brink, PhD
Lieke M Koggel, MD
Joris JH Hendriks
Mattijs E Numans, MD, PhD
Factors Predicting Poor Weight Gain in Newborns to Guide Weight Monitoring: Retrospective Unmatched Case-Control StudyBryce Ringwald, MD
Emily Gorman, DO
Self-Sampling Tools For Cancer Screening in Primary Care: Evidence From a Randomized Trial With Underserved PatientsJennifer Moss, PhD
Paul Reiter, PhD
Lisa Klesges
Tracy Onega, PA
SaFETy Score as a Predictor of Gun Violence in Adolescent-Young Adult Patients in a Primary Care SettingSanjay Batish, MD
Anna Gilbert, BS
Cory Lutgen, BS, BSc
Elisabeth Callen, PhD
Electronically-Delivered Push Notifications Improve Patient Adherence to Preventive Care: A Cohort StudyLenard Lesser, MD, MS, MSHS
Esha Datta
Patient Function as a Health Indicator in Primary Care: Perspectives From Patients and Primary Care TeamsGregory Cutforth, BSc
Jordan Miller
Catherine Donnelly
Management of Pigmented Lesions in Primary Care: Effects of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy UseShayan Owji
Joseph Han
Margaret Glausser, MD
Daniel Napolitano, MD
Jonathan Ungar, MD
Retrospective Evaluation of a Pragmatic DePrescribing Initiative in a Skilled Nursing
Facility System
Christopher Morley, PhD, MA
Martha Wojtowycz, PhD
Laura Schad, MPH
Kimberly Townsend, CPA, EdD, JD, MBA, MPA
Sarah McNamara, MS
Sharon Brangman, MD
John Noviasky, PharmD
Kelly Ulen, PharmD
Halle Cerio