Table 1.

Comparison of PCP Presence and Willingness to Register Patients for Visits (N = 5,188 Census Blocks)

Indicator of Local PCP SupplyPresentRegistering Patients for Office VisitsRegistering Patients for Home VisitsP Valuea
Block has ≥1 PCP of this type, No. (%)2,905 (55.4)2,004 (38.6)1,008 (19.4)<.001b
Number of PCPs of this type per block per 10,000 inhabitants, mean (SD)7.59 (18.4)3.32 (6.10)1.31 (9.20)<.001c
  • PCP = primary care physician.

  • Notes: The binary indicators (block has vs does not have at least 1 PCP of given type) reflect the minimum ability of patients to find a physician; the continuous indicators (numbers of PCPs of given type per number of inhabitants) reflect patients’ possible ability to choose among several physicians. See Methods for details.

  • a Indicators of local PCP supply were compared by using empty mixed models (ie, those without any independent variables) with a random intercept and 2 levels (block level and municipality level, to take into account possible municipal policies related to primary care supply).

  • b The 3 binary indicators were compared with a log-binomial model.

  • c The 3 continuous indicators were compared with a Poisson model containing as an offset the logarithm of the number of inhabitants in the block, to take physician density into account.