Table 4.


“Research can be slow and lonely, but NAPCRG always inspires me to continue my work. It helps me build new international connections and collaborations. Research is a team game, and relationships are key to success. Whenever I face a challenge, I can always reach out for support and reflect on that real NAPCRG feeling.”
Tim olde Hartman. Academic general practitioner. The Netherlands
“Patients want good care and good research to improve their care. Communities want primary care embedded within them. It is this greater partnership that should begin to define the work of primary care research. Patients and communities should be advocating for primary care. This is where I see NAPCRG’s power. Please keep engaging the non-usual suspects in this work.”
Maret Felzien. Farmer, educator, community partner. Colorado
“I am here as one of a generation of millions of Americans born to immigrants that moved to the United States from developing countries. Like many, I have spent my life translating, advocating, and navigating the health care system for my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It took me 4 years to find my mother’s diagnosis of a life-changing disease. Those life experiences led me to my work in primary care clinics, helping adolescents learn to manage their diabetes, young women find the freedom to access reproductive care, and hundreds to access behavioral health, social services, and health care. Thank you, NAPCRG. I get to stand up as a patient and community member, representing a voice of people underrepresented in health care. I am a young person of color, mostly healthy. I am not a health care provider, and I have no PhD. I don’t usually call myself a researcher, but now at my 6th NAPCRG meeting, I can happily say I am a researcher, thanks to this organization.”
Arturo Martinez-Guijosa. Community health advocate. Seattle, Washington