Table 1.

Tools Used and Related Data Collected by Participants at Home During Each Examination

Electronic stethoscope (StethoMe)Auscultation audio recordings from a set of 6-8 chest points (examination) (Figure 1)
AI-based algorithm (StethoMe AI) automatic analysis of recorded soundsWheezes intensity
Rhonchi intensity
Coarse crackles intensity
Fine crackles intensity
Pulse oximeter (Accurate FS20P, Accurate FS20C)Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2)
Peak flow meter (Mini Wright Peak Flow and Low Range)Peak expiratory flow
Survey (Figure 2)Breathing quality expressed on a 5-point scale Symptoms
  • AI = artificial intelligence; HR = heart rate; I/E = inspiration-to-expiration duration ratio; RR = respiratory rate.

  • Note: These data were used as input features for the development of autonomous detection of asthma exacerbation (decision support classifiers).