Table 4

Bootstrapped Effects of the Intervention on Mediating Factors and Primary Care Attendance Intentions

Intervention EffectsB (95% CI)SEP Value
Direct effects
Infection and antibiotic knowledge0.18 (0.12 to 0.24)0.03.002a
Worry/perceived severity−0.14 (−0.20 to −0.08)0.03.002a
Social norms concerning primary care attendance−0.23 (−0.30 to −0.17)0.03.002a
Number of mentioned resources−0.13 (−0.19 to −0.06)0.03.002a
Primary care attendance intentions−0.09 (−0.14 to −0.04)0.03.003a
Indirect effects
Confidence in home-care capabilities0.04 (0.01 to 0.07)0.02.008a
Worry/perceived severity−0.15 (−0.19 to −0.11)0.02.002a
Social norms concerning primary care attendance−0.02 (−0.04 to −0.01)0.01.003a
Number of mentioned resources0.03 (0.02 to 0.05)0.01.001b
Primary care attendance intentions−0.23 (−0.28 to −0.18)0.03.002a
  • B = regression coefficient; SE = standard error.

  • a P ≤.01

  • b P ≤.001