Table 2

Multivariate Models of Burnout and Employee Engagement as Predictors of Turnover

Group and PredictoraOR (95% CI) for TurnoverRobust Standard ErrorP Value
Clinicians (n = 242 to 244)
 Burned out1.57 (1.02-2.40)0.34.04
 Highly engaged0.58 (0.33-1.04)0.17.07
Staff (n = 464 to 468)
 Burned out1.09 (0.66-1.82)0.28.73
 Highly engaged0.99 (0.57-1.71)0.28.96
  • a OR = adjusted odds ratio.

  • Notes: Results of multivariate logistic regression analysis. Four multivariate regression models are represented in this table: burnout and employee engagement were run in separate models, and the models were repeated for clinicians and for staff. Adjusted for covariates and clustering by clinic. Burnout and engagement (likelihood to recommend the clinic) were tested in separate regression models that included only 1 of these predictors at a time, along with the covariates.