Table 2

Association Between Immunization History and Occurrence of ≥1 RI Episode During Influenza Season

% RICrude ORAdjusted OR
Episodes(95% CI)(95% CI)
Immunized in current year but no (recent) prior IIV immunization7.0RefRef
Immunized in current year and 1 IIV in previous 2 years3.50.48 (0.37-0.61)0.61 (0.47-0.78)
Immunized in current year and ≥2 IIVs in previous 3 years, including prior year3.70.50 (0.41-0.62)0.85 (0.68-1.07)
  • GP = general practitioner; IIV = inactivated influenza vaccine; OR = odds ratio; SES = socioeconomic status; RI = respiratory illness.

  • Note: Adjusted for SES, age, number of indication categories for IIV, health care–seeking behavior, and number of out-season summer GP-diagnosed RI episodes.