Table 1

Details of Survey Used to Assess the Target Constructs in Order of Appearance

Target Construct/ScaleaItemsAnswer FormatReliability (Cronbach’s α)
Main outcome
Intentions–primary care attendance intentions29,3135I want to visit a GP today/I intend to visit a GP today.b5-point scale0.94
Potential mediating factors
Social influence-social norms about primary care attendance31,32,35People around me think I need to visit a GP today/approve of me visiting a GP today/think I do not need to visit a GP today.b5-point scale0.81
Emotions-worry/perceived severity of a health threat36Would you say that your child’s symptoms, as described in the illness scenario, suggest that the illness is severe/serious/significant/worrying/normal (given where I live and time of year)?b5-point scale0.84
Knowledge-information sufficiency37,38How much do you think you currently know about the illness as described in the scenario?Scale of 0 to 100
How much knowledge would you need to adequately care for your child showing the described symptoms? You might feel you need the same/more/less, information about the topic.Scale of 0 to 100
What additional information would you need to adequately care for your child showing the described symptoms? Please describe.Open-ended question
Knowledge/skills/resources-viral illness knowledge and home-care test29Thinking about the illness scenario, do you think the cause of your child’s symptoms is a viral infection/bacterial infection?True/False/I don’t know
Approximately how long do you think the symptoms of illness (fever/high temperature/sore throat/cough) in your child could last, from start to finish without any antibiotics?Estimation in days
How would you care for your child at home? Strategies and further resources?Open-ended question
Reflective motivation-beliefs about home-care capabilities39When my child shows the symptoms described in the scenario, I feel confident about looking after them at home/taking their temperature/seeing if they need more fluids/checking for a rash/seeking advice from online resources/seeking advice or help from family and friends/seeking advice or help from health care professionals.5-point scale0.81
Knowledge/beliefs-antibiotic use4042Are most cold, cough, and flu illnesses caused by bacteria or viruses?Multiple choice
Are antibiotics helpful in treating bacterial infections, viral infection, or both?Multiple choice
How often are antibiotics needed for cough or bronchitis/sore throat/fever/earache/tiredness and aching/vomiting?5-point scale
If my child does not receive an antibiotic for cold, cough, and flu symptoms, they will be sick for a longer time.5-point scale
Intervention material feedback
Clarity43Not at all understandable/very understandable7-point scale0.93
Not at all comprehensible/very comprehensible
Does not make sense/makes sense
Confusing arguments/clear arguments
Unclear information presented/clear information presented
Credibility43Credible information presented/information presented not credibleb7-point scale0.85
Valid claims/invalid claimsb
Presented accurate information/did not present accurate informationb
Cognitive challenge43Not intellectually stimulating/intellectually stimulating7-point scale0.70
Not intellectually engaging/intellectually engaging
Would make people think/would not make people thinkb
Not at all thought-provoking/thought-provoking
Did not really make me think/really made me think
Emotional arousal44Powerful impact/weak impactb7-point scale0.87
Arousing/not arousingb
Stimulating/not stimulatingb
Strong visuals/weak visualsb
Novelty44Unique/commonb7-point scale0.72
  • GP = general practitioner.

  • a References to measures survey scales were based on.

  • b Reverse coded item.