Table 2

Mean Receiving Drug or Alcohol Use Treatment in a Specialty Facility or Private Doctor’s Officea in the Last 12 Months Among Parents Living With Their Childrenb by Past 12 Months OUD or Other SUD Status, 2015-2017c

OUD (n = 446) P Value for DifferencedSUDs Except OUD (n = 2,955) [Ref]
n% (95% CI)n% (95% CI)
Treatment for illicit drug or alcohol use at a specialty facility or private doctor’s office13328.0 (21.6, 34.3)0.001845.6 (4.7, 6.5)
Treatment for illicit drug use at a specialty facility or private doctor’s office12125.9 (19.7, 32.1)0.00982.9 (2.3, 3.6)
Treatment for alcohol use at a specialty facility or private doctor’s office355.9 (3.4, 8.5)0.141244.0 (3.1, 4.9)
Any treatment for mental health18742.2 (34.9, 49.5)0.0075326.0 (23.9, 28.2)
  • NSDUH = National Survey of Drug Use and Health; OUD = opioid use disorder; Ref = reference; SUD = substance use disorder.

  • a Including hospital inpatient setting, rehabilitation inpatient setting, rehabilitation outpatient clinic, outpatient mental health center, or private doctor’s office.

  • b Defined as any parent living with a child aged <18 years in the household.

  • c Estimates are derived from the pooled 2015-2017 NSDUH and adhere to NSDUH requirements for estimation and suppression.9

  • d Two-sided t test used to compare difference in means between parents with OUD living with their children and parents with another SUD but not OUD living with their children.