Table 2

Performance of the Computerized Adaptive Tests and Brief Questionnaires Relative to the Reference-Standard Clinical Interview

MeasureTest and Value(s)
Screening for MDDCAD-MDDPHQ-9PHQ-2
Positive predictive value0.570.620.52
Negative predictive value0.970.970.95
AUC (95% CI)0.85 (0.76-0.94)a0.84 (0.75-0.94)a0.76 (0.65-0.87)a
Assessing anxiety severityCAT-ANXGAD-7
AUC (95% CI)0.93 (0.90-0.97)a0.97 (0.96-0.99)a
OR (95% CI) for 1-point increase in score1.10 (1.07-1.13)a1.58 (1.40-1.80)a
OR (95% CI) for 1-category increase in severity6.37 (3.72-10.91)a11.48 (5.76-22.88)a
  • AUC = area under the curve; CAD-MDD = Computerized Adaptive Diagnostic Test for Major Depressive Disorder; CAT-ANX = Computerized Adaptive Test–Anxiety Inventory; GAD-7 = Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item Scale; MDD = major depressive disorder; OR = odds ratio; PHQ-2 = 2-item Patient Health Questionnaire; PHQ-9 = 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire.

  • a P <.001.