Table 5

Patient Postvisit Survey Results Patients Answering “Yes, Definitely,” No. (%)

QuestionPatients Answering “Yes, Definitely,” No. (%) Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Intervention (n = 333)Control (n = 357)P Value
Quality of communication
 Did you prepare a list of questions for your doctor?198 (59.5)160 (44.8)<.011.81 (1.33-2.45)
 Did you tell your doctor about your top concerns at the beginning of the visit?304 (91.3)297 (83.2)<.012.18 (1.32-3.59)
Patient satisfaction
 Were you satisfied that your care was well organized?289 (86.8)321 (89.9).200.74 (0.46-1.18)
 Were you given choices about treatment to think about?207 (62.2)214 (59.9).551.10 (0.81-1.49)
 Were you asked for your ideas when a treatment plan was made?149 (44.7)160 (44.8).801.05 (0.70-1.58)
 Were you asked to talk about your goals in caring for your illness?160 (48.0)190 (53.2).250.83 (0.60-1.15)