Table 1.

Overview of Measures Used For the National Demonstration Project

Practice StructureOutcomes
Measure (Time Interval)Change ModelChange ProcessPractice CharacteristicsModel ContentPatient ExperiencePractice ExperienceQuality of Carea
a Preventive care, chronic illness care, acute illness care, depression care.
b Facilitated practices.
c Self-directed practices.
Baseline practice survey (BPS)b,c (before 1/06)XXXX
Medical record auditb,c (baseline: 7/06; 9 months: 4/07; 26 months: 8/08)X
Patient outcomes survey (POS)b,c (baseline, 9 months, 26 months)XXX
Clinician staff questionnaire (CSQ)b,c (baseline, 9 months, 26 months)XXX
Financial surveyb,c (4/08)XX
Facilitator-generated data
    Observation field notesb (7/06-12/07)XXXX
    Stakeholders interviewsb (7/06-8/06)XXXX
    Practice environment checklist (PEC)b (7/06-12/07)XXXX
Evaluation team–generated data
    Regular monthly conference callsb (7/06-5/08)XXX
    E-mail streamsb (7/06-5/08)XXX
    Learning sessions (observational field notes/interviews)b (6/06, 10/06, 9/07, 4/08c)XXXX
    Evaluation team conference callsb,c (7/06-12/07)XX
    Multiday site visits (observations/interviews)b,c (7/07-12/07; 6/08-10/08)XXXX
Artifact data
    Web sites, practice documentsb,cXXXXX
TransforMED implementation indexb,c (7/06-3/08)X