Table 2.

Components of the Patient-Rated PCMH Scale

ACES = Ambulatory Care Experience Survey; CPCI = Components of Primary Care Index; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.
Notes: Scores on this scale consisted of the average summed responses of the 23 items in 5 subscales. Cronbach α for the 23-item scale was .92.
Comprehensive care (from CPCI18)Handles emergencies
Care of almost any medical problem I may have
Go for help with a personal or medical problem
Go for care for an ongoing medical problem such as high blood pressure
Go for a checkup to prevent illness
Coordination of care (from CPCI18)Keeps track of all my health care
Follows up on a problem I’ve had, either at the next visit or by mail, e-mail, or phone
Follows up on my visit to other health care professionals
Helps me interpret my laboratory tests, x-rays, or visits to other doctors
Communicates with other health professionals I see
Access to care (from ACES19)Help as soon as needed for an illness or injury
Appointment for a checkup or routine care as soon as needed
Answer to medical question the same day when calling during regular office hours
Help or advice needed when calling after regular office hours
Personal relationship over time (from CPCI18)Knows a lot about my family medical history
Have been through a lot together
Understands what is important to me regarding my health
Knows my medical history very well
Takes my beliefs and wishes into account in caring for me
Knows whether or not I exercise, eat right, smoke, or drink alcohol
Knows me well as a person (such as hobbies, job, etc)
Global practice experience (new scale20)I receive the care I want and need when and how I want and need it
I am delighted with this practice