Table 3.

Components of the Practice Adaptive Reserve Scale

ComponentItems (Attributes Measured)
Notes: Scores on this scale were computed as the summed averaged of the individual responses for each practice. Cronbach α for the 23-item scale was .97.
Relationship infrastructurePeople in our practice actively seek new ways to improve how we do things (mindfulness)
People at all levels of this office openly talk about what is and isn’t working (mindfulness)
We regularly take time to consider ways to improve how we do things (mindfulness)
People are aware of how their actions affect others in this practice (heedful interactions)
Most people in this practice are willing to change how they do things in response to feedback from others (respectful interaction)
After trying something new, we take time to think about how it worked (reflection)
We regularly take time to reflect on how we do things (reflection)
This practice encourages everyone (front office staff, clinical staff, nurses, and clinicians) to share ideas (cognitive diversity)
I can rely on the other people in this practice to do their jobs well (trust)
Difficult problems are solved through face-to-face discussions in this practice (communication)
Facilitative leadershipPractice leadership promotes an environment that is an enjoyable place to work
Leadership in this practice creates an environment where things can be accomplished
Leadership strongly supports practice change efforts
The practice leadership makes sure that we have the time and space necessary to discuss changes to improve care
SensemakingWhen we experience a problem in the practice, we make a serious effort to figure out what’s really going on
People in this practice have the information that they need to do their jobs well
TeamworkI have many opportunities to grow in my work
People in this practice operate as a real team
Work environmentMost of the people who work in our practice seem to enjoy their work
This practice is a place of joy and hope
Culture of learningMistakes have led to positive changes here
It is hard to get things to change in our practice
This practice learns from its mistakes