Table 1.

Comparison of Facilitated and Self-Directed Practices at Baseline

CharacteristicFacilitated PracticesSelf-Directed PracticesP Value
NDP = National Demonstration Project; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.
Notes: Data are based on 35 practices that started the NDP; 1 of the original 36 practices was not able to obtain approval for the project from their institutional review board and withdrew their baseline data.
a Values are percentages.
b Values are ratings on a scale from 0 to 1, where higher values indicate a higher level of the attribute.
Age of practice, y.22
    Solo (± midlevel clinicians)3522
    Small (2–3 physicians)2412
    Medium (4–6 physicians)1744
    Large (≥7 physicians)2422
Ownership structure.89
    Physician owned5961
    Health or hospital system owned4139
NDP model components in placean=16n=15
Access to care and information (overall, 6 items)3030.92
    Same-day appointments4453.59
    Group visits67.96
Care management (overall, 4 items)3848.22
Practice services (overall, 5 items)9591.29
Continuity of care (overall, 5 items)5665.25
    Maternity care8187.68
    Hospital care88100.16
Practice management (overall, 5 items)4259.04
Quality and safety (overall, 5 items)3243.19
    Medication management6293.04
    Patient satisfaction feedback4453.59
Health information technology (overall, 5 items)2831.66
    Electronic medical record6973.78
    Electronic prescribing4440.83
    Practice Web site2533.61
    Interactive patient portal00
Practice-based care teams (overall, 4 items)2048.001
Patient-rated PCMH attributesbn=17n=16
Comprehensive care.81.84.08
Coordination of care.74.76.53
Access to care.88.88.89
Personal relationship over time.76.76.58
Global practice experience.27.32.28