Table 1.

The 39 Components of the NDP Model Assessed, by Domain

NDP=National Demonstration Project; HR=human resources.
Access to care and information (6 components)
Same-day appointments
Laboratory results highly accessible
Online patient services
Group visits
After-hours access coverage
Care management (4 components)
Population management
Wellness promotion
Disease prevention
Patient engagement/education
Practice services (5 components)
Comprehensive acute and chronic care
Prevention screening
Surgical procedures
Ancillary therapeutic/support
Ancillary diagnostic services
Continuity of care (5 components)
Community-based services
Hospital care
Behavioral health care
Maternity care
Case management
Practice management (5 components)
Disciplined financial management
Cost-benefit decision making
Revenue enhancement
Personnel/HR management
Optimized office design
Quality and safety (5 components)
Medication management
Patient satisfaction feedback
Clinical outcomes analysis
Quality improvement
Practice-based team care
Health information technology (5 components)
Electronic medical record
Electronic prescribing
Population management/registry
Practice Web site
Patient portal
Practice-based care (4 components)
Provider leadership
Shared mission and vision
Effective communication
Task designation by skill set