Table 2.

Evaluation Template for Ongoing Analysis

NDP=National Demonstration Project.
a Model described by Cohen et al.21
What are the unique organizing/distinguishing constructs for this practice (ie, images, features, metaphors)? What immediately comes to mind that is necessary for us to understand who these people are?
What are the initial conditions that are important in retrospect?
Describe the change process, particularly in relation to the practice change and development model.a How has leadership facilitated/hindered the process? Describe any relationship pat- terns among key stakeholders. Describe the internal and external motivators relative to the NDP model (may be positive or negative).
Which components of the new model of care are in place in the practice? How did they get in place? Which components are not in place and why?
What are the key features of the facilitation process that have been used in this practice?
What is the evidence for a personal transformation among the physicians? How did this unfold?
What is the evidence for a transformation at the practice level? Did they move toward becoming a learning organization? How did this unfold?
What are the emerging/current issues that are likely to impact on the NDP?
What did the NDP do for the practice?
What does the emerging model look like in this practice at the end of NDP?
Lessons learned: