Table 4.

Clinician-Stated Treatment for High-Risk Patients Who Are Candidates for NSAIDs

Intervention Group, % (n=43)Control Group, % (n=53)
Risk FactorTreatmentBaselineEnd of StudyBaselineEnd of Study
GPM=gastroprotective medication; NSAID=nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
History of peptic ulcer diseaseGuideline concordant91908592
Prescribe GPM58564353
Do not prescribe NSAID33444240
On corticosteroidsGuideline concordant79797885
Prescribe GPM23444034
Do not prescribe NSAID56353851
On anticoagulantsGuideline concordant93989193
Prescribe GPM19211313
Do not prescribe NSAID74777779
On low-dose aspirinGuideline concordant23423427
Prescribe GPM12302321
Do not prescribe NSAID121296
Age ≥75 yGuideline concordant44584749
Prescribe GPM23402538
Do not prescribe NSAID21192311