Table 2.

Preventive Services Covered by Medicare Which the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Recommends Against

Preventive Screening with D RecommendationMedicare Coverage
ECG=electrocardiogram; WMV=Welcome to Medicare Visit.
aMedicare covers a screening ECG as part of WMV, although it is optional.
bSpecifically required as part of screening pelvic examination.
Abdominal aortic aneurysm, womenYes
Asymptomatic bacteriuriaNo
Bladder cancerNo
Breast cancer genetic testing, not high risk because of family historyNo
Carotid stenosisNo
Cervical cancer, women >65 y and not at high risk, with adequate screeningYes
Cervical cancer, women with hysterectomy for benign diseaseYes
Colon cancer aged >85 yYes
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseNo
Coronary heart disease, in low-risk patientsYesa
Ovarian cancerYesb
Pancreatic cancerNo
Peripheral arterial diseaseNo
Prostate cancer, aged 75 y and olderYes
Testicular cancerNo