Table 1.

κ Statistics and Percent Agreement Values for Selected Data Abstraction Items (N = 132 Charts)

Percent Agreement
Item Abstractedκ (95% CI)ObservedExpecteda
ASA= acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin); CVD = cardiovascular disease; eGFR = estimated glomerular filtration rate; HbA1c=hemoglobin A1c; TIA = transient ischemic attack.
a Percent agreement expected (pe) is a measure of the agreement that is expected to occur by chance between the raters.
b Measurement period was the 12 months before first date of abstraction.
c β-blocker, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin receptor blocker.
d β-blocker, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin receptor blocker, diuretic, calcium channel blocker.
Cardiovascular disease0.92 (0.85–0.99)96.20.53
Chronic kidney disease0.72 (0.58–0.87)90.90.67
Diabetes0.89 (0.82–0.97)94.70.50
Dyslipidemia0.90 (0.81–1.00)97.00.69
Hypertension0.80 (0.67–0.92)93.20.66
Peripheral vascular disease0.79 (0.62–0.97)96.20.82
Stroke/TIA0.89 (0.77–1.00)97.70.79
Quality of care indicatorsb
1 blood pressure recorded1.00 (1.00–1.00)100.00.87
1 HbA1c test ordered0.87 (0.78–0.96)93.90.54
ASA recommended0.83 (0.74–0.93)91.70.33
CVD medicationsc recommended0.85 (0.76–0.94)92.40.50
eGFR test ordered0.74 (0.62–0.87)90.20.62
Fasting blood glucose test ordered0.70 (0.56–0.84)88.60.63
Glycemic control medications recommended0.83 (0.75–0.92)90.90.45
Hypertension medicationsd recommended0.79 (0.68–0.90)90.20.54
Lipid profile test ordered0.71 (0.58–0.83)87.10.56
Lipid-lowering medications recommended (statin or other)0.79 (0.68–0.90)90.90.57
Smoking status recorded0.75 (0.63–0.88)90.20.60
Smoking cessation counseling0.88 (0.77–0.98)96.20.69
Smoking cessation medication0.88 (0.77–0.98)96.20.70
Smoking cessation program referral0.87 (0.77–0.98)96.20.70
Waist circumference measured0.00 (0.00–0.00)95.50.95
Weight management program referral0.86 (0.74–0.97)95.50.68