Table 2.

Visit Characteristics (N = 215)

a Annual visit for preventive care services (check-up or physical examination).
b Scheduled visit for follow-up of previously identified condition.
c Appointment obtained by calling for same-day access.
d In 144 cases a parent/guardian attended the visit with adolescent.
e Physician indicated parent left room without being asked in an additional 3 cases.
Type of visit
Annual preventive care visita8843.3
    Not classified by physician125.6
Adolescent’s reasons for visit
    Acute visit5827.0
    Preventative care examination7133.0
    Reproductive health mentioned at all4320.0
    Routine care or chronic disease management3516.3
Parent/guardian attended visit with adolescent14467.0
Confidentiality explained to adolescent during visitd12083.3
Confidentiality explained to parent during visitd6041.7
Parent asked to leave roomd,e9364.6
Identified needs requiring confidential care follow-up8539.6