Table 3.

Changes and Proportion of Adult Diabetes Patients at Goal on Glycated Hemoglobin, Blood Pressure, and LDL Cholesterol Measures Among Intervention and Control Group Primary Care Physicians and Clinics in the Preintervention (Baseline) and Postintervention Periods

Intervention ClinicControl Clinic
VariableNo.BaselinePost-interventionChangeBaselinePost-interventionChangeIntervention EffectaP Valueb
DBP = diastolic blood pressure; hemoglobin A1c=glycated hemoglobin; LDL=low-density lipoprotein; SBP=systolic blood pressure; SE=standard error.
a The intervention effect column illustrates the differential amount of change in the intervention arm relative to the control arm comparing before and after the intervention.
b For mean value analysis, P value associated with the time × condition term in a general linear mixed model with repeated time measurements, study arm, and their interaction. For proportion at goal analysis, P value associated with study arm.
c P <.001.
Hemoglobin A1c, mean (SE), %1,0928.5 (0.09)7.9 (0.09)−0.58c8.4 (0.08)8.1 (0.08)−0.32c−0.26.01
Hemoglobin A1c <7%, % (SE)1,14478.4 (2.0)79.2 (2.0)−0.8.80
SBP, mean (SE), mm Hg894141.3 (0.70)130.5 (0.70)−10.8c141.6 (0.69)131.5 (0.69)−10.1c−0.70.56
SBP <130 mm Hg, % (SE)1,50680.2 (1.6)75.1 (1.6)5.1.03
DBP, mean (SE), mm Hg73185.1 (0.52)76.8 (0.52)−8.3c84.6 (0.51)77.1 (0.51)−7.5c−0.82.38
DBP <80 mm Hg, % (SE)1,66985.6 (1.4)81.7 (1.5)3.9.07
LDL cholesterol, mean (SE), mg/dL868122.3 (1.7)97.9 (1.8)−24.4c124.1 (1.7)98.3 (1.8)−25.8c1.37.62
LDL cholesterol <100 mg/dL (or <70 mg/dL if heart disease), % (SE)1,36285.2 (1.6)83.9 (1.5)1.4.53