Table 3.

Guideline-Concordant Care Overall and by Risk Factors

No. (%) of Patients With Guideline-Concordant Carea
Risk FactorInterventionControlOR (95% CI)b
CI=confidence interval; OR = odds ratio.
a Traditional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug was discontinued and/or a new gastroprotective medication was coprescribed.
b For patients with risk factor vs patients without risk factor, controlling for age, sex, and number of office visits during study, and clustering by clinician and practice.
c Anticoagulant, antiplatelet medication (including aspirin), and/or systemic corticosteroid.
d Other than low-dose aspirin.
Overall (any risk factor)564 (25.4)675 (22.4)1.194 (1.005–1.419)
Individual risk factors
    History of peptic ulcer disease118 (30.0)104 (25.9)1.314 (0.920–1.877)
    Any concomitant medicationc394 (26.8)477 (23.3)1.232 (0.998–1.521)
    Low-dose aspirin228 (25.0)254 (20.8)1.298 (1.041–1.618)
    Other concomitant medicationd166 (29.7)223 (27.1)1.160 (0.875–1.537)
    Age ≥75 y171 (20.9)253 (19.8)1.043 (0.826–1.316)