Table 2.

Types of Ethnomedical Asthma Treatments Cited by Respondents

Note: There were 161 citations by 30 respondents.
Ingested/Topical Remedies (n = 90)Behavioral Strategies (n = 71)
Herbal concoctions (n = 29)Lifestyle adaptations (n = 31)
    Ocimum basilicum (sweet basil)    Avoid certain places
    Ricinus communis (castor oil)    Bathe in salt/sea water
    Matricaria recutita (chamomile) tea    Cough out phlegm
    Sechium edule (chayote)    Get rid of birds
    Guamo (cow’s regurgitated grass)    Get rid of carpeting/curtains
    Herb syrup    Pet dog, chihuahua
    Mentha spicata (spearmint)    Remain active
    Quercus (oak) tea    Rest
    Coriandrum sativum (cilantro)    Avoid dust (n = 2)
    Ruta chalepensis (fringed rue)    Avoid smokers (n = 2)
    Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) (n=2)    Cold water shower (n = 2)
    Cannabis sativa (marijuana) tea (n=2)    Eat well (n = 2)
    Siete Jarabes (Seven Syrups) (n=2)    Exercise (n=2)
    Aloe vera (n=4)    Keep house clean (n = 2)
    Herbal teas (n = 9)    Avoid pets (n = 3)
Over-the-counter products (n = 32)    Dress warmly (n = 8)
    CamphorAir exposures/intake (n = 16)
    Menthol and camphor (Mentholatum)    Breathe into bag
    Throat lozenges    Breathe into refrigerator
    Vitamin C    Breathing exercises
    Cough medicine (n = 2)    Dehumidifier
    Rubbing alcohol (n = 8)    Indoor air cleaner
    Vicks VapoRub (n = 18)    Outdoors and fresh air
Foodstuff/fruit juices (n = 15)    Steam room
    Citrus x paradisi (grapefruit)    Indoor ventilation (n = 3)
    Citrus x sinensis (orange)    Humidifier (n=6)
    Allium sativum (garlic) (n = 2)Mind/body exercises (n = 16)
    Allium cepa (onion) (n=2)    Control anger
    Citrus limon (lemon) (n=3)    Control emotions
    Honey (n=6)    Meditation
Animals/animal parts (n = 10)    Reduce worries
    Megascops (screech owl) heart    Put out of mind (n = 2)
    Gastropoda (snail), boiled    Positive attitude (n = 3)
    Serpentes (snake), fried    Stay calm (n = 7)
    Serpentes (snake) oilReligious/spiritual practices (n=8)
    Lacertilia (lizard), boiled/fried (n=3)    Attend church services
    Selachimorpha (shark) liver oil (n=3)    Spiritual healing (Christian)
Nonspecific therapies (n = 4)    Spiritual healing (Santeria)
    Drink lots of fluids    Faith in God (n = 2)
    Home remedies    Prayer (n=3)
    Hot drinks and foods
    Natural things