Table 1.

Continuity of Care Research Themes

No.Research ThemePapers Reviewed No.Reference Citations
1What is the best conceptual definition of continuity?1710,13-28
2What is the best way to measure continuity of care?1713,14,20-22,29-40
3Are patients who receive interpersonal continuity more satisfied with their care?3112,14,16,33,41-67
4What patient characteristics correlate with choosing an interpersonal continuity model?2036,44,46,48,49,51,52,58,62,68-78
5Is health care better in any measurable way when delivered in interpersonal continuity?545,6,13,14,17,25,35,36,42,45,53-56,60,61,64,66-68,74,79-110
6Are physicians more satisfied with practice when an interpersonal continuity model is followed?1214,16,42,52,53,55,61,62,67,111-113
7Is health care less expensive when delivered in interpersonal continuity?2042,53,54,57,61,66,80,72,84,88,90-92,108,114-119
8Can interpersonal continuity be improved by organizing a practice in a particular way?2212,17,33,46,52-55,59,63,69,76,94,120-128
9Why do patients leave the care of a physician with whom they have interpersonal continuity?134-6,58,69,71,73,126,129-133
10What do primary care physicians value regarding continuity of care?2110,13,16,17,23,26,27,33,52,61,62,77,85,112,122,134-139
11What do patients value regarding continuity of care?1816,17,33,44,46,49,51,52,59,60,62,65,69,70,104,131,136,140
12Does geographic continuity matter to patients?1028,41,70,79,80,135,141-144
13How are changes in the health care system affecting continuity?164-6,9-12,61,76,114,120,133,141,142,144,145