Table 2.

Patient’s Assessment of the Adequacy of Their Primary Care Visit as a Function of Valuing Continuity of Care and Seeing Their Regular Physician

Value of ContinuityMain EffectsInteraction
Assessment of VisitLowMediumHighValue of ContinuityRegular DoctorValue of Continuity with Regular Doctor
Note: For the above comparisons, the 6 cell sizes for each comparison ranged from 32–1,167.
Expectations met
Regular doctor4.084.374.63<.001<.001 .06
Not regular doctor3.864.194.14
Things I wanted to bring up but could not
Regular doctor2.051.751.42<.001 .48 .36
Not regular doctor1.951.981.55
Doctor addressed my main concern
Regular doctor4.344.674.87<.001 .006 .32
Not regular doctor4.294.504.65
Satisfaction with physician
Regular doctor4.114.364.66<.001<.001<.001
Not regular doctor3.964.104.04
Physician’s accumulated knowledge of the patient
Regular doctor3.103.483.93<.001<.001<.001
Not regular doctor2.312.352.35
Coordination of care
Regular doctor3.303.784.32<.001<.001 .004
Not regular doctor2.923.013.30
Interpersonal communication
Regular doctor3.954.314.63<.001<.001<.001
Not regular doctor3.673.763.79