Table 2.

Rates and Counts of Diabetes Encounters, Glycated Hemoglobin Tests, Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Tests, and Blood Pressure Measures, Comparing Intervention and Control Clinics in the Preintervention and Postintervention Periods

Intervention ClinicControl Clinic
VariablePre-intervention 12 moPost-intervention 12 moChangePre-intervention 12 moPost-intervention 12 moChangeIntervention EffectaP Valueb
Hemoglobin A1c=glycated hemoglobin; CI=confidence interval; LDL = low-density lipoprotein.
a The intervention effect column illustrates the differential amount of change in the intervention arm relative to the control arm comparing pre- with postintervention.
b P value associated with the time × condition term in a generalized linear mixed model with repeated time measurements, study arm, and their interaction.
c P <.001.
d P <.01.
e P <.05.
Patients with 1 or more encounters or tests, proportion (95% CI)
    Diabetes encounters.850 (.820–.876).949 (.932–.962).099c.875 (.849–.897).956 (.941–.967).081c.018.78
    Hemoglobin A1c tests.829 (.788–.864).940 (.919–.956).112c.858 (.822–.888).929 (.906–.947).071c.041.045
    Blood pressure measurements.986 (.977–.991).988 (.980–.993).003.986 (.978–.991).981 (.971–.987)−.005.008.28
    LDL cholesterol tests.819 (.779–.854).871 (.838–.899).052d.846 (.809–.876).865 (.831–.892).019.033.14
Encounters or tests done per patient, mean (95% CI), No.
    Diabetes encounters3.9 (3.6–4.4)4.5 (4.1–4.9)0.49d4.4 (4.1–4.8)5.1 (4.7–5.5)0.68c−0.20.33
    Hemoglobin A1c tests2.0 (1.8–2.1)2.4 (2.2–2.5)0.41c2.0 (1.8–2.2)2.3 (2.2–2.5)0.31c0.11.09
    LDL tests1.4 (1.2–1.5)1.5 (1.4–1.7)0.17d1.4 (1.3–1.6)1.5 (1.4–1.6)