Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Focus Group Participants

GroupNumber ofParticipantsAge (Years)RaceEducation
 Mean: 43.8
 Range: 32–64Black, African American12 years plus some college
24Less than 40
 Mean: 27.8
 Range: 22–33WhiteLess than 12 years
38Less than 45
 Mean: 34.9
 Range: 23–43DiverseSome college education
 87.5% minimum of bachelor’s degree
41340 and older
 Mean: 48.1
 Range: 40–63White12 years or higher
 Range: 12 years to postgraduate degree
 Mean: 41.9
 Range: 26–54Diverse12 years or less
 Mean: 42.8
 Range: 23–61HispanicDiverse
 80% less than 12 years
 Range: 10 years to 1 year of college
 Mean: 38.7
 Range: 20–61Diverse12 years or higher
8439 and older
 Mean: 43
 Range: 39–53DiverseDiverse
 Range: 9 years to some college