Table 1

Instruments Covered by the 21 Articles Included in the Review

InstrumentAuthorsCountryYearQuality Scorea
Patient Perception of Patient-Centeredness (PPPC)Stewart et al9Canada20008 (11)b
Mallinger et al93United States200513
Consultation Care Measure (CCM)Little et al11United Kingdom200111
Little et al94United Kingdom2001b10
Smith et al95United Kingdom200711
Patient Reactions Assessment (PRA)Galassi et al96United States19928
Perceived Involvement in Care Scale (PICS)Lerman et al97United States199512
Loh et al98United States200711
Component of Primary Care Instrument (CPCI)Flocke99United States199714
Flocke et al100United States199811
Flocke et al101United States199911
Medical Communication Competence Scale (MCCS)Cegala et al102United States199810
Primary Care Assessment Survey (PCAS)Safran et al103United States199812
Safran et al104United States200612
Duberstein et al105United States20079
Interpersonal Processes of Care (IPC)Stewart et al106United States199910
Stewart et al107United States200714
General Practice Assessment Survey (GPAS)Ramsay et al108United Kingdom200013
Jayasinghe et al109Australia200812
Patient Perception of Quality (PPQ)Haddad et al110Canada200012
Primary Care Assessment Tool-Adult (PCAT–A)Shi et al111United States200112
Haggerty et al112Canada200811
Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE)Mercer et al113United Kingdom200412
Mercer et al114United Kingdom200512
Mercer et al115United Kingdom200811
Instrument on Doctor-Patient Communication Skills (IDPCS)Campbell et al116Canada200712
  • a Maximum score is 15.

  • b Evaluation of an unpublished paper on PPPC (Stewart et al, 2004, available from authors on request), combined with the initial assessment of the study quality of the main article.