Table 2

Participant’s Rankings for Numerical Explanatory Modes That Would Encourage Them to Take Medication and Help Them to Make a Decision (N = 934)

Would Encourage to Take MedicationWould Help to Make a Decision
ModeRanked 1st n (%)Reversed Rank SumaRanked 1st n (%)Reversed Rank Suma
Relative risk reduction605 (64.8)4,042603 (64.5)3,988
Absolute risk107 (11.5)3,040131 (14.0)3,149
Natural frequencies103 (11.0)2,08091 (9.7)1,989
Odds85 (9.1)2,70676 (8.1)2,668
Number needed to treat32 (3.4)2,13632 (3.4)2,213
  • ↵a Reversed rank sum is the sum of rank scores after they have been reversed so that rank 1 is given a value of 5, rank 2 is given a value of 4, and so on.