Table 2.

Ranking of Situations Where Spiritual Discussion Is Welcome

Respondents Who Wanted to Talk
SituationsPercent Yes*Total Percent
*Percentage of respondents among those that sometimes/always wanted to discuss spirituality with their physician.
† Percentage of all respondents including the 17 that never wanted to discuss spirituality with their physician.
Very seriously ill with the possibility of dying9477
Suffering from an ongoing, long-term, serious illness9174
Just diagnosed with a serious illness9073
Suffering from grief over the loss of a loved one8770
Recovering from a serious illness8366
Admitted to hospital7558
Victim of sexual abuse7255
Addiction to drugs or alcohol7255
Victim of domestic violence7154
Suffering from chronic pain6245
Discuss during medical history on initial visit to doctor6043
Discuss during routine physical or check-up247
Visit for a minor medical problem225