Table 2.

Clinician Rating of Communication Between Clinicians and MH/SA Specialists, by Clinician Participation in Management

Areas Clinicians More Likely to Agree Frequent Communication OccursParticipates in Counseling OR (95% CI)Participates in Psychopharmacology Management OR (95% CI)
CI = confidence interval; OR = odds ratio; MH/SA = mental health/substance abuse.
Note: Rated by the clinicians who experienced the integrated care model.
Results of MH/SA diagnosis8.2 (2.5–26)7.8 (2.4–25)
Medical diagnosis, condition1.5 (0.52–4.4)1.8 (0.67–4.9)
Medical care plan1.4 (0.52–3.9)0.97 (0.36–2.6)
MH/SA care plan3.5 (1.2–10.6)4.3 (1.5–12.7)
MH/SA progress and follow-up3.3 (1.1–9.2)2.9 (1.1–7.9)