Table 1.

Clinicians Preferring Integrated Care to Enhanced Referral Care According to Aspects of Treatment of Mental Health Problems

Treatment AspectIntegrated Care Preferred*No. (%)PValue
* Some data missing due to item nonresponse.
† P values represent the statistical test for whether the proportion preferring integrated care equaled 50%.
Better communication113 (92.6)<.0001
More comprehensive services74 (61.7).0106
Better management of depression77 (64.2).0019
Better management of anxiety91 (75.8)<.0001
Better management of alcohol abuse78 (65.5)<.001
More convenient services for patients106 (87.6)<.0001
Less stigma for patients111 (92.5)<.0001
Better coordination of mental and physical care109 (91.6)<.0001
Quicker appointments for mental health102 (85.7)<.0001
Better health education102 (88)<.0001