Table 4.

Percentage of Unknown Codes by Report Type

Completed Confidential ReportsAll Confidential Reports
Insufficient Information to Code (Unknown)Anonymous Reports %%PValue%PValue
NS = not significant.
* Based on 79 anonymous, 198 completed confidential, and 222 total (intention-to-treat) confidential event reports that had a system issue code. Unknown in this instance means insufficient information to code the specifics of the system issue.
Participant contribution16.278.77.007712.03NS
Setting of event0.961.46NS2.26NS
Clinical intent8.137.89NS9.77NS
Cause (latent error)19.6212.57.025615.04NS
Patient outcome24.4021.35NS25.06NS
Event discoverer18.665.85<.000111.53.0160
System issue*44.3023.23.000525.23.0015
Any unknown66.9949.71<.000155.39.0057
>1 unknown39.7123.39<.000130.58.0236