Table 3.

Results of Univariate and Stepwise Multivariate Unconditional Logistic Regression Model Analysis for Factors Associated With Inappropriate Lyme Disease Serologic Testing

VariableUnivariate COR (95% CI)Multivariate AOR (95% CI)
COR = crude odds ratio; AOR = adjusted odds ratio; CI = confidence interval.
Note: discretionary tests were excluded from this analysis.
Known or suspected tick bite within 30 days of symptom onset6.9 (2.9–16.5)6.8 (2.6–17.6)
Test ordered by emergency or urgent care physician3.7 (1.2–11.4)5.2 (1.3–20.6)
Test initiated by patient request5.8 (2.5–13.6)
Test done during summer2.5 (1.3–4.7)
Patient age less than 40 years1.6 (0.8–3.0)
Initial evaluation of problem for which test was ordered1.5 (0.8–3.1)
Test done at Laboratory A1.1 (0.4–2.9)
Test ordered by physician0.9 (0.4–2.3)
Clinician in practice less than 10 years1.0 (0.5–1.8)
Tick habitat exposure during last 30 days0.6 (0.1–3.1)
Patient hospitalized0.3 (0.1–1.0)
Patient referred from another clinician0.3 (0.1–0.6)