Table 4.

Comorbid Conditions Recorded in 132 Patients With No Documented Hepatitis C (HVC) Treatment Discussions

Comorbid ConditionNo. (%)
* End stage acquired immunodeficiency syndrome , leukemia, hepatocellular carcinoma, diabetes with severe neuropathy, renal rejection after transplant, liver rejection after transplant, rapidly progressive autoimmune disorder, stage IV cardiac disease.
† Potentially remediable conditions n = 47.
‡ The 132 patients represent 36% or of the total 366 study patients.
Severe comorbidity*42 (32)
No discussion of HCV tests in medical record, patient may be unaware of HCV status31 (24)
Died before treatment considered24 (18)
Financial barriers mentioned related to other problems13 (10)
Chronic schizophrenia or other psychotic conditions8 (6)
Old age (70 to 85 y)3 (2)
Children (0 to 6 y)3 (2)
Pregnant at diagnosis, treatment not reconsidered3 (2)
Unable to speculate regarding reasons4 (3)
Severe depression with suicide attempt1 (1)
Total132 (100)